Published by Dan on Sep 14, 2015

NFL Salaries by College

What NCAA program sends the most talent to the NFL?

The NFL draft is an inadequate method of determining the answer to that question. Players drafted in the later rounds often don't make a roster, while undrafted players often do. Salaries are a better way to judge each player's value.

Organizing salary numbers by conference, college, and position provides an interesting look at where NFL talent comes from. A few notes:

  • Salaries aren't a perfect indicator of talent, though better than draft or player numbers.
  • Each player's salary is the average per year of their contract as reported by before the season.
  • Each player is attributed the college they finished with, so Russell Wilson is Wisconsin, not NC State.
  • Conferences are year-specific, so Andre Johnson is Big East (2002) while Jimmy Graham is ACC (2009).
  • Let me know if you see any discrepancies.

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