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Mountain West player salaries in the 2022 NFL season

What Mountain West schools had the most and highest paid NFL players in 2022?
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College # Salary
1. Fresno State 6 $72.5M
2. Wyoming 8 $65.3M
3. Boise State 12 $43.8M
4. Colorado State 7 $33.9M
5. Nevada 5 $29.3M
6. Utah State 8 $20.2M
7. San Diego State 10 $16.8M
8. San Jose State 4 $8.7M
9. New Mexico 2 $5.9M
10. Hawaii 2 $3.8M
11. Nevada-Las Vegas 1 $895K
12. Air Force 1 $742.5K

Air Force

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Zane Lewis Air Force Jets CB $742.5K

Boise State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. DeMarcus Lawrence Boise State Cowboys DE $13.3M
2. Charles Leno Boise State Commanders LT $12.3M
3. Cedrick Wilson Boise State Dolphins WR $7.4M
4. Leighton Vander Esch Boise State Cowboys LB $2M
5. Tanner Vallejo Boise State Cardinals OLB $1.7M
6. Ezra Cleveland Boise State Vikings T $1.4M
7. John Bates Boise State Commanders TE $1.1M
8. Khalil Shakir Boise State Bills WR $1M
9. Brett Rypien Boise State Broncos QB $965K
9. Jeremy McNichols Boise State Steelers RB $965K
11. Avery Williams Boise State Falcons RB $930K
12. Alexander Mattison Boise State Vikings RB $867.8K

Colorado State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Shaquil Barrett Colorado State Buccaneers OLB $17M
2. Michael Gallup Colorado State Cowboys WR $11.5M
3. Trey McBride Colorado State Cardinals TE $1.6M
4. Rashard Higgins Colorado State Panthers WR $1.2M
5. Trent Sieg Colorado State Raiders LS $1.1M
6. Ryan Stonehouse Colorado State Titans P $856.7K
7. Olabisi Johnson Colorado State Vikings WR $648.6K

Fresno State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Derek Carr Fresno State Raiders QB $40.5M
2. Davante Adams Fresno State Raiders WR $28M
3. Charles Washington Fresno State Cardinals S $1.2M
4. Mykal Walker Fresno State Falcons OLB $1M
5. DaRon Bland Fresno State Cowboys CB $991.2K
6. JuJu Hughes Fresno State Lions S $825K


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Rigoberto Sanchez Hawaii Colts P $2.9M
2. Jahlani Tavai Hawaii Patriots LB $929.4K


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Joel Bitonio Nevada Browns G $16M
2. Austin Corbett Nevada Panthers G $8.8M
3. Malik Reed Nevada Steelers OLB $2.4M
4. Romeo Doubs Nevada Packers WR $1.1M
5. Cole Turner Nevada Commanders TE $999.7K

Nevada-Las Vegas

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Javin White Nevada-Las Vegas Bears LB $895K

New Mexico

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Jason Sanders New Mexico Dolphins K $4.4M
2. Corey Bojorquez New Mexico Browns P $1.5M

San Diego State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Rashaad Penny San Diego State Seahawks RB $5.8M
2. Daniel Brunskill San Diego State 49ers T $2.4M
3. Cam Thomas San Diego State Cardinals DE $1.3M
4. Aaron Brewer San Diego State Cardinals LS $1.3M
5. Damontae Kazee San Diego State Steelers S $1.2M
6. Daniel Bellinger San Diego State Giants TE $1.1M
7. Darren Hall San Diego State Falcons CB $1.1M
8. Calvin Munson San Diego State Dolphins ILB $925K
9. Nick Bawden San Diego State Jets FB $895K
10. Greg Bell San Diego State Lions RB $858.3K

San Jose State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Wes Schweitzer San Jose State Commanders G $4.5M
2. David Quessenberry San Jose State Bills RT $1.8M
3. Keith Smith San Jose State Falcons FB $1.4M
4. Josh Oliver San Jose State Ravens TE $1.1M

Utah State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Bobby Wagner Utah State Rams ILB $10M
2. Jordan Love Utah State Packers QB $3.1M
3. Nick Vigil Utah State Cardinals OLB $1.8M
4. Patrick Scales Utah State Bears LS $1.3M
5. Dallin Leavitt Utah State Packers S $1.2M
6. Tyler Larsen Utah State Commanders C $1.2M
7. Jalen Davis Utah State Bengals CB $1M
8. Tipa Galeai Utah State Packers DE $660K


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Josh Allen Wyoming Bills QB $43M
2. Chase Roullier Wyoming Commanders C $10.1M
3. Mike Purcell Wyoming Broncos DE $3.8M
4. Carl Granderson Wyoming Saints DE $2.6M
5. Andrew Wingard Wyoming Jaguars S $2.4M
6. Chad Muma Wyoming Jaguars LB $1.4M
7. Logan Wilson Wyoming Bengals LB $1.2M
8. Marcus Epps Wyoming Eagles S $672K