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Conference USA player salaries in the 2023 NFL season

What Conference USA schools had the most and highest paid NFL players in 2023?
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College # Salary
1. Middle Tennessee State 5 $29M
2. Texas-El Paso 4 $25.5M
3. Western Kentucky 9 $19.4M
4. Florida International 3 $16.8M
5. Louisiana Tech 6 $11.3M
6. Jacksonville State 1 $3M
7. Liberty 2 $2.3M
8. Sam Houston State 1 $995.4K

Florida International

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Jonnu Smith Florida International Falcons TE $12.5M
2. Teair Tart Florida International Titans DT $4.3M
3. T.Y. Hilton Florida International Cowboys WR N/A

Jacksonville State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Siran Neal Jacksonville State Bills S $3M


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Malik Willis Liberty Titans QB $1.3M
2. Demario Douglas Liberty Patriots WR $993.3K

Louisiana Tech

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Xavier Woods Louisiana Tech Panthers S $5M
2. Boston Scott Louisiana Tech Eagles RB $2M
3. Milton Williams Louisiana Tech Eagles DT $1.3M
4. Trent Taylor Louisiana Tech Bears WR $1.1M
5. L'Jarius Sneed Louisiana Tech Chiefs CB $982.3K
6. Amik Robertson Louisiana Tech Raiders CB $947.4K

Middle Tennessee State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Charvarius Ward Middle Tennessee State 49ers CB $13.5M
2. Kevin Byard Middle Tennessee State Titans FS $12.6M
3. Richie James Middle Tennessee State Chiefs WR $1.2M
4. Reed Blankenship Middle Tennessee State Eagles S $855K
5. Robert Jones Middle Tennessee State Dolphins G $818.3K

Sam Houston State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Zyon McCollum Sam Houston State Buccaneers CB $995.4K

Texas-El Paso

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Aaron Jones Texas-El Paso Packers RB $12M
2. Roy Robertson-Harris Texas-El Paso Jaguars DT $7.2M
3. Will Hernandez Texas-El Paso Cardinals G $4.5M
4. Nik Needham Texas-El Paso Dolphins CB $1.8M

Western Kentucky

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Tyler Higbee Western Kentucky Rams TE $7.3M
2. Mike White Western Kentucky Dolphins QB $4M
3. George Fant Western Kentucky Texans RT $3M
4. Brodric Martin Western Kentucky Lions DT $1.3M
5. DeAngelo Malone Western Kentucky Falcons LB $1.3M
6. Kahlef Hailassie Western Kentucky Browns S $901.7K
7. Bailey Zappe Western Kentucky Patriots QB $870K
8. Jordan Meredith Western Kentucky Raiders G $750K
9. Joel Iyiegbuniwe Western Kentucky Panthers ILB N/A