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Mid-Atlantic Conference player salaries in the 2023 NFL season

What Mid-Atlantic Conference schools had the most and highest paid NFL players in 2023?
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College # Salary
1. Western Michigan 10 $38.5M
2. Eastern Michigan 3 $32.7M
3. Toledo 9 $26.4M
4. Buffalo 5 $26.2M
5. Central Michigan 9 $20.7M
6. Northern Illinois 2 $7.8M
7. Bowling Green State 3 $3M
8. Miami (Ohio) 3 $2.9M
9. Ball State 3 $2.8M
10. Ohio 2 $859.2K

Ball State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Nic Jones Ball State Chiefs CB $979.4K
2. Danny Pinter Ball State Colts G $910.9K
3. A.J. Uzodinma Ball State Chargers CB $899K

Bowling Green State

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Scotty Miller Bowling Green State Falcons WR $1.2M
2. Karl Brooks Bowling Green State Packers DT $1M
3. Quintin Morris Bowling Green State Bills TE $787.5K


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Khalil Mack Buffalo Chargers OLB $23.5M
2. Malcolm Koonce Buffalo Raiders DE $1.2M
3. Cam Lewis Buffalo Bills CB $1.2M
4. Demone Harris Buffalo Falcons OLB $216K
5. Steven Means Buffalo Ravens DE N/A

Central Michigan

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Tyler Conklin Central Michigan Jets TE $6.8M
2. Sean Bunting Central Michigan Titans CB $3.5M
3. Nick Bellore Central Michigan Seahawks FB $3.3M
4. Cooper Rush Central Michigan Cowboys QB $2.5M
5. Luke Goedeke Central Michigan Buccaneers G $1.5M
6. Bernhard Raimann Central Michigan Colts T $1.3M
7. Thomas Incoom Central Michigan Broncos OLB $905K
8. Troy Hairston Central Michigan Texans FB $853.3K
9. Xavier Crawford Central Michigan Seahawks CB N/A

Eastern Michigan

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Maxx Crosby Eastern Michigan Raiders DE $23.5M
2. Andrew Wylie Eastern Michigan Commanders T $8M
3. Sidy Sow Eastern Michigan Patriots G $1.2M

Miami (Ohio)

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Dominique Robinson Miami (Ohio) Bears DE $983.3K
2. Tommy Doyle Miami (Ohio) Bills T $948.9K
3. Mike Brown Miami (Ohio) Titans S $927.5K

Northern Illinois

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Jimmie Ward Northern Illinois Texans FS $6.5M
2. Max Scharping Northern Illinois Bengals G $1.3M


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Armani Rogers Ohio Commanders TE $859.2K
2. Travis Carrie Ohio Panthers CB N/A


Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Diontae Johnson Toledo Steelers WR $18.4M
2. Reggie Gilliam Toledo Bills FB $2.3M
3. Ka'dar Hollman Toledo Texans CB $997.5K
4. Tycen Anderson Toledo Bengals S $991.5K
5. Samuel Womack Toledo 49ers CB $985.8K
6. Desjuan Johnson Toledo Rams DT $979.4K
7. Logan Woodside Toledo Falcons QB $952.5K
8. Cody Thompson Toledo Seahawks WR $870K
9. Kareem Hunt Toledo Browns RB N/A

Western Michigan

Name College NFL Pos Salary
1. Taylor Moton Western Michigan Panthers RT $17.8M
2. Chukwuma Okorafor Western Michigan Steelers T $9.8M
3. Robert Spillane Western Michigan Raiders LB $3.5M
4. Skyy Moore Western Michigan Chiefs WR $1.6M
5. D'Wayne Eskridge Western Michigan Seahawks WR $1.5M
6. Zaire Barnes Western Michigan Jets LB $1M
7. Jaylon Moore Western Michigan 49ers T $950.8K
8. Wesley French Western Michigan Colts C $856.7K
9. Giovanni Ricci Western Michigan Panthers FB $808.3K
10. Mike Caliendo Western Michigan Chiefs G $750K